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Vue mer

Sea view for sale

Buying a house with sea view is a dream shared by many people and the employees of Demeures du Littoral are committed to selecting for you the most beautiful locations on the Breton, Vendée or Loire-Atlantique coasts.
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Going from a dream to a concrete realization is not easy because the purchase of a sea view property is an expensive purchase, the scarcity of the location explaining the high purchase cost.
In comparison with the "classic" real estate market, the number of "sea view" or "waterfront" properties available is much smaller and each situation is unique.
The quality of the view is assessed according to the width of the field of vision and the panorama offered. The luxury of these properties is thus to offer breathtaking views of the sea and maritime traffic such as certain residences in Loire-Atlantique or Finistère or panoramas on the islands such as views from certain villas in the Gulf of Morbihan or the Pink Granite Coast or the Emerald Coast in Côtes d'Armor.
Some properties enjoy unobstructed views further down the coast or the banks of a river.
There are two types of property with a sea view: properties with a sea view and properties "feet in the water" which adjoin the maritime domain directly, without a road to cross. These properties therefore have direct access to the beach or the banks of rivers. This important element adds to the value of the property because it often represents a comfort of access for young and old.
Thus these first criteria are elements that come into account when one wishes to acquire a property with a view. Added to this are the type of construction, the living space and the possibilities for development or extension.
The agents of Demeures du Littoral have made a selection of villas with a view, waterfront properties, apartments or mansions enjoying a beautiful view and remain at your disposal for any information.

Maison en bord de mer
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FIN241
598 500 € HAI

Appartement vue mer
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FSU 189 - A02 - R1 - T3
477 000 € HAI

Appartement vue mer
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FSU189 B03 Rez Jardin T2
437 000 € HAI

Front de mer à Porcé
Pays-de-la-Loire / Loire Atlantique 44
réf : LAT0211
1 350 000 € HAI

Location saisonnière - Maison vue mer
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : LOC001
2 210 € HAI

Appartement de standing
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FSU189 B09
437 000 € HAI

Villa contemporaine
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FIN240
1 281 000 € HAI

SOUS OFFRE - Villa vue mer
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : GRO865
1 664 000 € HAI

Île Grande - Appartements ou grande maison familiale
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : GRO858
1 296 000 € HAI