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Châteaux & Manoirs

Castles & Manors for sale

Living in a castle or mansion by the sea or in the countryside is a dream that can be fulfilled: the employees of Demeures du littoral present in Brittany, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique are committed to helping you make your dream come true. featuring superb castles for sale.
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The castle remains, in the common perception, an imposing construction, made up of specific elements such as towers, turrets and watchtowers and whose exceptional dimensions distinguish it from ordinary dwellings. It is often surrounded by a park that isolates it from view or, on the contrary, is conspicuously visible from afar and staged by a majestic gate bordered by outbuildings.
The castle, a vestige of our history and of the past of great families, is a concrete and strong element of this past life and is a witness to the know-how of our predecessors in the construction of buildings with a majestic look.
The Brittany and Pays de Loire regions are rich in these remarkable monuments from the medieval, Renaissance, 17th, 18th or 19th century and we wish to highlight their particularities. Fortresses, castles of artists or writers, family castles, or pleasure castles celebrating the sweetness of life, all fascinate us by the stories that they still have to tell us, because they are unique places constituting a framework of extraordinary life.
Less fortified than the castles, the manor, a medium-sized noble house, covered Brittany from medieval times. It was initially the place of life, work and power of an aristocratic family, then the home of notables, shipowners and merchants.
Located in the center of an agricultural estate of varying size, this stone building covered with slate is a majestic building sometimes with defensive elements and often a tower that occupies a staircase. In addition to this residence, there are outbuildings, staff quarters, dovecotes, mills, ovens, fishponds, wells….
The authenticity and the richness of this regional architecture arouses a real enthusiasm with a number of buyers and allows these old residences restored with respect for the authentic to survive the years and to be a strong element of the real estate. luxury.
We can help you become a guardian of this heritage and make your dream of owning a castle or a mansion come true, so don't hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project.

Entre Côtes d’Armor et Finistère, manoir et ses dépendances.
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FIN231
588 000 € HAI

Manoir 18ème avec chapelle 16ème
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FIN230
535 500 € HAI

Cadre idyllique pour ce magnifique moulin
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : GRO766
1 680 000 € HAI

Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : GRO759
472 500 € HAI

Manoir du 16e siècle sur 5 ha de terres
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : CPG086
735 000 € HAI

Propriété de charme et de caractère proche de Rennes
Bretagne / Ille et Vilaine 35
réf : REN050
840 000 € HAI

Hôtel particulier du 18ème siècle au coeur d'un village
Bretagne / Côtes d'armor 22
réf : GRO755
448 305 € HAI

Listed MH
Beau moulin restauré dans un environnement bucolique
Bretagne / Finistère 29
réf : FIN229
441 000 € HAI

Listed MH
Beau manoir classé Monument Historique
Bretagne / Morbihan 56
réf : MORP005
988 000 € HAI